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Multiple Functions in One Drink Cup:This product is a multifunctional new environmentally friendly portable pet water cup.Designed with lanyard on the top,a poop collection shovel and garbage bag storage, which is easy to operate with one hand.Because of the high temperature resistance design, it can be washed in dishwashers without deformation.

One-key Water Lock Function: Equipped with a large button, which is easy to get water in one second. 6 built-in silicone waterproof sealing rings, multiple leak-proof design . Long press the water button and erect the cup can make the remaining water flow back into the bottle.

Built-in Garbage Bag:The base of the water cup can store garbage bags, which can be used to clean up pet poop or other garbage.

Built-in Poop Collection Shovel: A poop shovel is designed on the periphery of the cup body, which is convenient for handling pet poop when walking the dog or traveling. It can be used directly as soon as put the garbage bag on the shovel,which is convenient and quick.

Specifically Designed for Dogs: Designed with the extended O-shaped drinking trough design,which is more suitable for dog's oral structure and also can prevent water from spilling.

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Details Capacity: 300 ml
Color: Pink
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